Good News : Emulsifier (乳化剤 ) in Kit Kat Otona No Amasa has changed (Updated Oct 2015)


New updated from halal foods in japan (oct 2015), you can click Halal foods in Japan also call directly and kit kat admin says that they also put some shortening . If you still curious, you can send email to them, for me I think enough. Well, they thought halal is not important to their business, that’s OK. We do not need them also.

Picture taken from

In the end of 2013, I heard from muslim community in Tokyo that emulsifier in Otona No Amasa Kit Kat was made from pork. I got the screen shot of email conversation but I I could not trace the source. Moreover, when I checked  the ingredient, it said it made from plant. So, I sent email to to confirm the information.

#1 email

within a week, they replied

#2 email

After got confirmation, I  informed others and it went viral.


Good news, yesterday I heard some information that Kit Kat has changed their emulsifier as written in the package. So, I sent email again, and they replied :

#3 email

Conclusion: Kit kat has changed their emulsifier, now you can check as written in the ingredient.  



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